Intrepid is now official!


Hello everybody! We would like to officially announce our first game: Intrepid. It is meant to provide an escape room experience, but in an explorable, 3D world. We are very excited to share this news with you all!

About the game

You hear the sound of an alarm. You wake up in your cryo-pod. The door opens, you fall out. You take a look around and notice that other crew members are dead. Something is wrong with the spaceship and if you don't use all your wits, you will not leave this place alive...

Release date

The game should be released in December 2018.


Intrepid will initially be available on Windows and Linux.


The script for the game is ready (and tested in real life). The technical issues are mostly solved. What's left is to build a 3D environment and put all the riddles in place :) For that we have hired a very talented 3D artist: Zaven Alexander Boyrazian. He will make sure that game looks as amazing as we imagined it :)

Here is the progress by far:

image image image image

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