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Mac OS version available

Intrepid is now officially available for all 3 major platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac OS! New Mac OS version is available on Steam, or directly on this website.

All Intrepid resources are now available on GitHub

It took a while, mostly because we had to assign a proper license to every single sound and font (not all of them are public domain, but all can be used in commercial products for free). And we've finally done it :) Right now, you can download Intrepid's source code with all the resources used in the game and just run it on your own computer! Feel free to experiment with it and let us know if you create something awesome :)

Repository link:

New Mac OS beta (fullscreen issue fixed)

New Mac OS beta is available here:

The issue with fullscreen should be fixed, let us know if there is anything else.

Assets from Intrepid

Original models and textures used for Intrepid can now be downloaded from CGTrader, as well as from this website:

All assets are in public domain.

MacOS beta available

Initial tests for MacOS have shown some minor issues, so for now, MacOS version is only available on this website. You can download it here. We encourage you to download and test the game on your computers and report any issues. Once it is stable enough, MacOS version will be released on Steam.

Intrepid enters the public domain!

To be honest, this was the plan from the very beginning ;) Intrepid was never meant to earn any money. It was meant to turn a real life escape room (created for a birthday party) into a computer game, so more people can enjoy it. It was all about fun :)

And now, the entire codebase and most of the resources used in the game are public domain! You can download the whole Godot project from GitHub.

For now, fonts and sounds are excluded from the repository. Before we add them, we need to make sure that authors are properly credited and the licenses allow putting those resources in a GitHub repository.

Models are currently only available in Godot's format (.tscn), but the plan is to release them as .blend files too. Stay tuned!

Now you can download Intrepid directly from our website

For people who don't like platforms like Steam, we've prepared a direct download link. Now you can play Intrepid without any third-party clients!

Intrepid 1.0.2 released!

We've released another important update: version 1.0.2. More information can be found here.

Intrepid 1.0.1 is ready!

We've received a lot of feedback about Intrepid. To address the most commonly reported issues, we've released an update: Intrepid 1.0.1. More details can be found here.

Intrepid is now available on Steam!

The review didn't take long and you can now download and play Intrepid. Here is a link to the Steam Store.

The game is available for Windows and Linux, but we're working on a MacOS build too. As soon as we confirm there are no issues with it we will let you know.

Intrepid has been submitted for Steam review

Today, after long tests, Intrepid has been marked as "ready for review" on Steam. We will let you know as soon as we have the final release date.

Intrepid is now on Steam!

We have another success to announce. Filling out the paperwork for Steam finally paid off and Intrepid is now available in Steam Store! It's still not released yet, but you can now wishlist it and track release updates.

Trailer available!

Intrepid finally has a trailer!

Life signs monitors and other props

Lately we've been working on some props, especially new consoles and life signs monitors. This is the final result:

image image

New logo and sci-fi consoles

We're proud to present Intrepid's new logo! It was created by Joseph Diaz, whose amazing portfolio you can find here. We've also made an amazing progress on different sci-fi consoles and cryo-pod textures:

image image image

Sci-fi consoles and cryo-pods

Cryo-pods are almost ready. We've also started working on different sci-fi consoles, including the life signs monitor.

image image

Cryo-pods progress

The modeling and texturing process for cryo-pods is going amazingly fast:

image image image

Initial cryo-pod design

Now that the rooms are finally textured, it's time to start working on cryo-pods:

image image

The layout is ready!

It took a lot of work, but all the walls, ceilings and floors are ready and properly textured:

image image image image

Textures are almost finished!

The texturing process is going extremely smoothly by far :) The interior of the spaceship is almost ready:

image image image

Textures are on their way

We are proud to say that the texturing process is going very well :) There is still a lot to do, but the results by far look amazing:

image image image image

Intrepid is now official!

Hello everybody! We would like to officially announce our first game: Intrepid. It is meant to provide an escape room experience, but in an explorable, 3D world. We are very excited to share this news with you all!

About the game

You hear the sound of an alarm. You wake up in your cryo-pod. The door opens, you fall out. You take a look around and notice that other crew members are dead. Something is wrong with the spaceship and if you don't use all your wits, you will not leave this place alive...

Release date

The game should be released in December 2018.


Intrepid will initially be available on Windows and Linux.


The script for the game is ready (and tested in real life). The technical issues are mostly solved. What's left is to build a 3D environment and put all the riddles in place :) For that we have hired a very talented 3D artist: Zaven Alexander Boyrazian. He will make sure that game looks as amazing as we imagined it :)

Here is the progress by far:

image image image image